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大家较为熟知的家暴行为一般为身体暴力,以造成身体疼痛和伤害为核心,但家暴通常还包括精神暴力、社会暴力、经济暴力和性暴力。精神暴力主要指造成情绪、情感、自尊心、尊严、价值观和心理健康伤害的言语、态度和行为。例如:私下或公开辱骂; 羞辱、贬低、恐吓、征服。社会暴力指施暴者通过限制或剥夺家庭成员的社会资源、人际关系和社会参与来实施权力和达到控制,例如:孤立、控制所有社会活动;剥夺自由; 故意制造不合理的依赖。经济暴力是指限制或剥夺受害者经济资源和财务权力例如:剥夺基本必需品; 没收收入或资产;无理剥夺参与社会生活的必要手段(如工作)。性暴力类型常被忽视,除了被迫性行为还包括但不限于: 暴露伴侣的手淫行为;强制浏览色情产品;强制多人关系; 不使用避孕措施。


28th May is LGBTQ+ Domestic Violence Awareness Day. It is a dedicated day to shed light on the violence and abuse experienced by the LGBTQ+ community, promote understanding of domestic violence and its various forms, and raise awareness about the importance of self-protection, mutual respect, and rejecting controlling relationships.

Domestic violence extends beyond physical harm and encompasses psychological, social, economic, and sexual violence.

Psychological or emotional violence involves language, attitudes, and behaviors that cause emotional and self-esteem damage, as well as harm to one''s dignity, values, and mental well-being. Examples include insults, humiliation, degradation, intimidation, and subjugation, whether in private or public.

Social violence refers to the exertion of power by the perpetrator to control and limit the social resources, interpersonal relationships, and social participation of family members. It can involve isolating individuals by controlling their social activities, restricting their liberty, and deliberately fostering unjustified dependency.

Financial violence involves restricting or depriving the victim of financial resources and power. This can include depriving them of basic necessities, confiscating their income or assets, and unjustly preventing their participation in social life, such as employment.

Sexual violence, which encompasses various forms, is often overlooked. It includes forced and coerced sexual acts, non-consensual masturbation in the presence of a partner, forced consumption of pornography, forced participation in group sex, and non-use of contraception.

On LGBTQ+ Domestic Violence Awareness Day, we encourage everyone to recognize the signs of potential and overt domestic violence within their families and households. Take steps to protect yourself, seek assistance from available resources, and say "NO!" to domestic violence. Together, let us strive for a future where no one is labelled a "survivor" but instead experiences a life free from violence.

编 Edited by: Apei Song, R&D Manager, ANTRA


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