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How it all started

The idea of ANTRA was born among group chats of community members in 2013 on the belief that everyone deserves to feel supported and connected in their community. We noticed a significant disengagement of the LGBQIA community within the Chinese diaspora and saw an opportunity to create positive change.


Our goal is to promote inclusivity and help to build a stronger, more connected community. We offer a variety of programs and services that cater to the needs of our members, such as social events, counseling, and education. Our team is dedicated to providing a safe space for our community members to engage, connect, and thrive.

"We call ourselves Tongzhi*, in essence we hope to seek people who share our values and principles, in building a Datong* world that achieve, unity, peace and love."

- Cedric Yin-Cheong

Founder & CEO ANTRA

Our mission
  • To support and promote the health and well-being of Mandarin- and Cantonese-speaking LGBTQIA+ people, minimising the impact of mental health, disability, and other illness.

  • To advocate for the equal rights of Mandrin-and Cantonese-speaking LGBTQIA+ people.

  • To promote respect and acceptance for the social inclusion of Mandarin- and Cantonese-speaking LGBTQIA+ people

So that they can fulling participate in all aspects of life in Australia without fear of discrimination.

*同志 or tongzhi is a general umbrella referring to the LGBTQIA+ community in Chinese

*大同 or datong means great societal unity

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