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Sun, 26 Feb


Hurstville Library

Coming Out, Coming Home Exhibition 愛. 回家 展覽

An Interactive CREATIVE Community Portrait Project for the Queer Chinese in Australia | 澳洲華人同志社群互動創意展覽項目

Coming Out, Coming Home Exhibition 愛. 回家 展覽
Coming Out, Coming Home Exhibition 愛. 回家 展覽

Time & Location

26 Feb 2023, 12:00 pm AEDT – 26 Mar 2023, 12:00 pm AEDT

Hurstville Library

About the event

Sun Feb 26

Coming Out, Coming Home - An Interactive creative Community Portrait Project for the Queer Chinese in Australia communities.

What does the word ‘home’ mean to you? A physical dimension, a metaphor for safety and connections, or a sense of safety and belonging. In the Chinese context, home is the base point of our existence in the world. And coming out means being an exile on a journey, searching for a sense of belonging to somewhere or someone that we may finally call home. That is the story of our lives.

‘Coming Out, Coming Home’ is an interactive creative Community Portrait Project and life story collection from the Queer Chinese in Australia communities. Immerse in an audio-visual, multimedia experience including portrait photography, interactive art installation and documentary-style narration. Learn from the resilience and power of Queer Chinese in Australia as first-generation migrants, Australian-born-Chinese, and international students of all ages and identities in search of belonging and finding a “home away from home”. This Creative Community Portrait Project is the first of its own in Australia, that is curated by the Queer Chinese in Australia community, for our community, with a goal for an amplified voice and impact beyond the community.

The Creative Community Portrait Project is presented by the Australia and New Zealand Tongzhi Rainbow Alliance Inc. (ANTRA), a non-profit empowering the Mandarin & Cantonese -speaking LGBTQ+ communities in Australia, in partnership with Melbourne-based boutique art studio Gentle Glacier Productions with a creative team led by award-winning writer, film director and photographer Arctic Qu who is a Queer Chinese in Australia themselves. The Creative Community Portrait Project will be showcased in Hurstville Library at 12-22 Dora St, Hurstville NSW 2220 in South Sydney (a traditional Chinese Australian suburb) from 12pm, Sunday, 26 February 2023 to Sunday, 26 March 2023.

At 12pm, on Sunday, 26 February 2023, we are hosting a launch event at the Hurstvile Library, comprising 2 Community Panels (one in English and one in Mandarin Chinese), with a theme: “Where is home? Exploring Queerness & Chineseness: A newly coined Australian Community”. Come join us to celebrate the diverse and colourful life stories of Queer Chinese in Australia! Register for the event TODAY at:

This project is supported by: Create NSW, Sydney WorldPride 2023 and the Georges River Council.

Visit for more information about the Creative Community Portrait Project!

(the below text is in Traditional Chinese as a translation of the above)

愛. 回家 —— 為澳洲華人同志社區打造的互動創意社區肖像項目。

“家”這個詞對你來說意味著什麼? 在華文世界裏,家是我們存在於世界的基點。 “出櫃”,對許多人來説的意義不盡相同。但對澳洲華人同志來説,“出櫃”往往是一個尋找“家”的歷程。這就是我們想展現的真實生命故事。

“愛. 回家” 是一個互動創意的社區肖像項目,搜集和述説澳洲華人同志社區的生活寫照。

我們希望讓觀衆沉浸在視聽和多媒體體驗中,利用例如人像攝影、互動藝術裝置和紀錄片式旁白等讓你更瞭解我們。 我們展現了澳洲華人同志,作為第一代移民、在澳洲出生的華人以及國際學生等各種尋找歸屬感和“家外之家”的韌性和力量。 這個創意社區肖像項目是澳洲第一個由華人同志社區策劃、爲了展現社區凝聚力、並擴大社區的影響力的項目。

本創意社區肖像項目由 澳紐彩盟 (ANTRA) 與墨爾本精品藝術工作室 Gentle Glacier Productions 合作推出,ANTRA 是一家非營利組織,旨在為澳洲講普通話/國語/華語和廣東話的 LGBTQ+ 社區賦能。本項目由屢獲殊榮的作家、電影導演和攝影師 Arctic Qu 執行,而Arctic本身就是澳洲的華人同志。 本創意社區肖像項目將於 2023 年 2 月 26 日星期日中午12點至 2023 年 3 月 26 日星期日在傳統華人社區南雪梨好事圍圖書館 (Hurstville Library) 展出。

該項目得到以下機構的支持:Create NSW、Sydney WorldPride 2023 和 Georges River Council。

Tickets : Free

Hurstville Library

12-22 Dora St, Hurstville NSW 2220

Bilingual in Chinese & English


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