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ANTRA Volunteer Recruitment
ANTRA 志愿者招募

We'd love to welcome more community members joining our ANTRA family.

There are 7 departments and 2 stand-alone projects within ANTRA, meaning that no matter what skillsets and/or talents you have, there is a stage for you to shine!

We would also love to facilitate an environment for personal and professional growth that no matter what you would like to become, let ANTRA be the place where it happens! 

​Actively Recruiting Positions

We are recruiting for all departments & projects!


Communities & Events 社群與活動部

Peoples & Culture 人力資源與組織文化部

Health & Wellbeing 健康與福祉部

Media & Communications 媒體與文宣部

Partnerships & Public Relations 協作與公共關係部

Governance & Legal 行政與法务部

Research & Development 研究與發展部

Any more questions? Send us an email!


Tongxing Project 同行计划

​Coming Out, Coming Home 爱, 回家

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